A graphic with a white background. In the top left hand corner, it reads ‘Dear President Biden’ in blue font. Centered in the image it reads “BUILD BACK FOSSIL FREE” in bold blue font. At the bottom of “FOSSIL FREE” lies a green bar stretching across the expanse of the image.
(Source: #BuildBackFossilFree)

As America begins mobilizing towards Climate Reform, I — like many other BIPOC — have not felt represented in America’s reform efforts. One, because most of these efforts fail to address Climate Racism, i.e. the disproportionate impact of climate change and pollution on communities of color. Two, because past climate reform efforts have emphasized individual efforts towards sustainability; while personal sustainability may be feasible for White Americans, it’s not feasible for many lower-income BIPOC.

Along with this, the current climate disaster in Texas is only indicative of the urgency of the Climate Crisis. Non-renewable energy has failed us and will…

(Source: Redfin)

Stretches of beaches, streets lined with luxury cars, McMansions stacked for blocks at a time. Welcome to Downtown Kirkland. 8 minutes away from Bellevue, a city heralded for its cutting-edge development, 15 minutes away from the infamous Seattle and 6 minutes away from my high school.

Lake Washington High School sits nestled perfectly between metropolitan Kirkland and Redmond. Its west wing overlooks the glistening Lake Washington. The school’s brand new math and science wing sits right in front of its expansive parking lot — filled with cyan Porsches that sit grandiloquently in the front row of the student section, tricked…

Ndidi Opara

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